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If you are operating a Joy Model WN-112, WN-114 or WG compressor, now you can jump at the opportunity to save money on ALL the parts for your air compressor.

During the past 12 years, Midwest Air Parts has been supplying parts for Joy compressors to manufacturing plants, compressor dealers, repair centers, and Joy distributors.

Now YOU too can take advantage of the largest inventory of Joy parts in the midwest - at extremely competitive prices.

We're not only talking about normal wear parts like valves, packing, rings and gaskets, but all the parts for your compressor. That's right! Can you imagine receiving a cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, or even a crankshaft the next day rather than waiting 3-4 months!!

Isn't it time to spring into action, start saving money, and eliminating costly downtime by calling toll-free 800.-541.2210, going to our request page, or fax your request to 262.679.4877.

Since the Joy Twistair rotary compressor was discontinued it has become increasingly more difficult to locate the parts you need to keep your compressor operating efficiently. Not anymore!!

Now you can jump at the opportunity to save both time and money on ALL the parts for your Joy compressor.

Whether you are operating the 25 HP Model TA025 or the 300 HP Model TA1500, Midwest Air Parts has the parts you need - when you need them.

In addition to normal maintenance items like air filters, oil filters, separators and lubricants, you'll save on bearings, seals, coolers, gauges, valves and controls for your compressor. And when your Joy air end needs repair or exchange, Midwest Air Parts can save you $1,000's.

Joy is a registered trademark of Gardner-Denver Company.